VBAC prep class


A unique childbirth preparation option created in 2009 for moms who have previously experienced a cesarean.

(Important note:  Due to a military PCS, we are unable to provide classes at this time)

For more than 30% of US births, a cesarean section is a reality.  Most of those moms have already had a childbirth preparation class, either through the hospital, a national organization, or an independent educator.  Those techniques may have worked well, but somehow the birth culminated in a cesarean.  When looking at the next labor and birth, these mothers need something DIFFERENT.  There is far too much information (and mis-information!) that surrounds VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).  Most classes cannot thoroughly educate the VBAC mother because her unique issues often don’t apply to the other students.  Furthermore, a mother who is planning a repeat cesarean typically does not take a childbirth education class, however there are still choices in a cesarean birth that can help make the experience healthy and beautiful.

When I was preparing for my first birth, I took Bradley® classes with my husband.  Despite our training, we succumbed to a cascade of interventions that culminated in a cesarean.  I felt like I had “failed” and I couldn’t face my instructors.  I never really processed my first cesarean until after I had my second cesarean (a planned VBAC).

When planning for my third baby and my home birth after cesarean, I took Hypnobirthing® classes hoping to prepare myself in a different way for the natural labor I had experienced with my first child.  In Hypnobirthing®, you do not discuss fear or negative birth images and you avoid many of the words associated with labor that have “negative connotations” such as contraction, labor, and of course, pain.  The couples in my class were there to focus on the positive aspects of birth, but I really needed to process everything that had happened during my first labor and why I ended up with a cesarean.  Most of all, I needed to figure out how to trust the birth process again, and though I love the Hypnobirthing® concept, I needed more.  Armed with Bradley® techniques, Hypnobirthing® techniques, and a supportive birth team, I was able to have my healing, empowering birth, but it took a lot of preparation outside of my classes and appointments with my midwife.  It took research and some soul-searching to know what I needed to do to have the birth I wanted and needed for myself and my baby.

I feel a strong desire to help other women learn from my experience and achieve that same goal.

I created this course in the fall of 2009 to draw from many different theories on childbirth, focusing particularly on the goal of a VBAC.  These classes can be for women planning a VBAC or a repeat cesarean because an Empowered Birth After Cesarean doesn’t have to be a VBAC.

Classes are held in 2-hour sessions over 8 weeks.  Topics include:

  • The risks of cesareans and VBACs
  • How to lower your “risks”
  • Nutrition, physiology and anatomy during pregnancy
  • Optimal fetal positioning
  • The birth process, focusing on the physical and psychological issues of a VBAC
  • Medical interventions and communicating with your care provider
  • Enjoying natural labor:  tools and techniques
  • Breastfeeding and newborn care
  • Processing fears through journalling and art work
  • Choices in Cesarean Birth After Cesarean

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