Cesarean vs. VBAC video

This is a video I created to help people understand what it is like for a mother who wants to give birth naturally, ends up with cesareans, and then finally has her dream birth.  For some women like me, there are psychological effects of being told they “can’t birth normally”.  When I was finally able to do what my body was meant to do, you can see on my face how empowering it was.  Hence the name of my practice:  Empowered Momma.  I also wanted to show the dramatic difference between cesarean birth and a home water birth …. all in one family.  (click picture below)

What people are saying about the video:

“Amazing!  I cried, I laughed.  It was glorious!”  ~T.G.

“That was so powerful…in its simplicity.”  ~B.W.C.

Thank you for being generous nd fearless in sharing these personal moments of your life.  The images, commentary and letter to your doctor in this sixteen minute video are so powerful and there is no way that words could have conveyed what you shared with all of us.  Congratulations.  Your site, EmpoweredMomma.net, is wonderful.  Sincerely, Jill (theUnnecesarean.com)

“OMG! Alex, this is amazing! You just brought tears to my eyes! My husband and I just watched it and as soon as the video of Josephine being born played he said, “Yep, we can have a home birth.” Such a beautiful film, congratulations to you are your beautiful family!!!!”  ~S.P.

“Thank you for sharing your story.  I don’t think you’d ever told it to me. You told me several days after attending my homebirth that it was the first VBAC you had gotten to attend, at the time I didn’t realize how special it was to attend another woman achieving their VBAC goals. I do now, the majority of my clients are VBAC’s and my most recent, a VBA3C (yes, 3!!!). I remember thinking leaving the BYN meeting that Friday, ‘Crap! I forgot to ask Alex if she’d be there’ then Sunday afternoon, seeing your face walk into my bedroom and just having this peace sweep over me.  You were the inspiration I needed, and I hope your video reaches others who need the extra encouragement and every woman you help through their labor and pregnancies find the same peace that I found by your presence!”   Briana Mager, CD(DONA), PES (PBi), AAMI #1988

“Oh Alex…I’m in tears…that was a perfect representation of what you are trying to tell the world!  It is beautiful and disturbing at the same time…disturbing in the way that Katharine and Madeline were clearly unhappy when they arrived on this earth.  That was the most heartbreaking thing to watch.  But then to see Josephine so at peace and so HAPPY to be with her mother and father the moment she arrived…was simply amazing!  Very well done!!! And the music was awesome too!  (yay Dave!!!)  I think it is beautful and should be shown to the world!!!!!!! And I wish I could have just one more little baby and try a home birth the way you did!  Though I never had a cesarean – I DO feel that they went through the ‘rough’ handling of the hospital and had the screaming, scary first moments of life on earth that your little JoJo didn’t have to go through.  BRAVO!  Excellent work!  I am so proud of you and all you are doing!  Keep up the good work!!”  M.G.

“I am at a loss for words, this was so beautiful. You make me proud to be a woman all over again! Thank you for sharing, I will be posting this so your message reaches more and more women to help them understand the difference with their own eyes. Congratulations!!”  ~L.B.

“Wow!  Alex, your courage, determination, beauty and softness… were so moving!  Thank you so much for sharing your intimate experience with us!You go MAMA!”  ~M.T.

“Thank you for sharing Alex! It brought a tear to my eye–and then to my cheek!–as well. It brought back memories of my home birth this past
February…hooray for home birth!!”   ~Laura

“Wow!!!! That was incredible. My daughter and I were both in tears and as a student midwife I know how life changing an experience like that can be for a woman. Thank you for sharing this beautiful video of all your births.”  ~T.L.
“Awesome! Simply awesome! Congratulations to Alexandria and family. I am so glad you “found” your way. Wonderful letter to your care provider as well. Blessings upon you and this video as it is spread throughout the world to empower more and more women to do their research and find the best option for themselves.”  ~QB

“Fantastic!! Thank you so much, Alex- you will change the minds of many by being brave enough to share your story. Beautiful, just beautful.”  ~H.F.

“Thank you for posting this video and thank you Alex for sharing your story to the world. You are going to inspire and empower so many women to have confidence in their body’s ability to birth their baby their own way.”  L.T.

“Thank you to Alex, that made me cry while watching and let me know that after my failed VBAC this past May, I can reach for a HBA2C for my next child!”  ~Danielle

“My message is for all those fathers who might watch this video and be concerned for their daughters (grandchildren) who are considering a home birth. Because I was present for Alex’s birth, her two sisters’ births, and her brother’s birth, I know a little bit about the concerns a father will have. Yes, I was aware of the issues, hospitals’ concerns, and the various doctors’ concerns as Alex progressed through her pregnancy. I can honestly say, though, that my wife, Dianne, and I were always 100% behind Alex’s decision from the start because we saw where her heart was, her mind was, and where her indominable spirit was. She invited Dianne and me to be with her during her birth week and we had the good fortune to help Alex and her family before, during, and after JoJo’s birth. My wish would be that all children could come into our world the way JoJo was born – in such an incredibly loving environment. So fathers, when your daughter decides she wants to have a home birth, listen to her heart, listen to her soul. It is literally an opportunity of a lifetime for all concerned.  Thank you, Alex, for that gift!! Thank you!! Thank you!! We will never, ever forget the joy and the loving family setting you and John created. John was there for you and JoJo in a way that was so incredible – so loving. Alex, your video with your brother’s music playing in the background is just so beautiful – it brings a tear to my eye everytime I watch it. I Love You, Dad”

“Simply beautiful! OH, and just look at that Daddy’s face when he looks at his woman who just powerfully and peacefully gave him another child THAT speaks volumes. Nothing compares to God’s/nature’s design.”  ~R.G.


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