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The goal of this organization is to  bring self-determination back to mothers and families.  We do this by providing services that bring you options you may not find elsewhere and by helping you make informed decisions through research and information.  There are a significant number of choices to make in nearly every area of pregnancy, birth and parenthood.  There are also lots of opinions people might give you on these choices that may not be backed by research.  Empowered Momma is here to help you understand your options, help you separate fact from opinion, educate you on the issues associated with every choice you make, and give you a supportive setting in which to make these choices.

We do this primarily through the midwifery model of care, community involvement, and the information provided in this website.  We also offer services such as Placenta Encapsulation (shown to reduce the incidence of postpartum depression) and VBAC preparation classes.  See the main menu on the left side of this page for more information on these areas of service.

We provide extensive research on a variety of topics (see the menu on the right side of this page).  One thing you might notice about this research is that we try to put effort into making sure it is not one-sided.  The primary mission of this organization is to help inform women about their choices, not to force you to agree with us.  You need to find your path your own way.  We can’t deny that we hope you will agree with our view on most of these topics after you read the research.  However,  it is understood that you may have different influences in your life all of which might take you down a different path.  We value those differences in you.  It is what makes our world interesting.  Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same?

These are the days you will remember for the rest of your life.  Enjoy them to their fullest and find the support, services, and information you need to help you be the best momma you can be:  an Empowered Momma!

~Alexandra Orchard

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